We Support Local


We are proud supporters of a number of local clubs and organisations in the Nelson/ Tasman Region and have been for many years. Giving back to the community we are a part of is important to The Car Company and it's philosophy. 

For example, each year we have our annual drive to support Women's and Children's Refuge, donating $50 from each vehicle sale for the duration of the month's promotion as well as our Staff and sporting identities out and about in the city streets collecting donations from the public. This is one of our biggest promotions and the Women's and Children's Refuge benefit immensely and appreciate the community support for this worthy cause. Handing over the cheque at the end of the month is a rewarding and satisfying feeling for all involved.

Another example is the Charity Drive - we ask non-profit organisations to apply with reasons why they would benefit from the $10,000 we donate. 

We then have a panel of people who, after careful consideration, make the difficult decision on the lucky winner or winners. This is a great promotion, bringing out a number of organisations you would never know existed in our region who help people in the community with everyday life challenges. 

If you think you could help one of the following organisations in any way, then let us know and we can help you make that connection.