Vehicle Insurance


Vehicle Insurance

The Car Company understands your vehicle is a big investment. So we offer a comprehensive range of products to protect your pride and joy.

Optimum Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Optimum cover, including 24/7 AA Roadservice Cover. Maximum liability depends on the odometer reading and age of the vehicle at the time of purchase. The cost of towing, accommodation and a rental vehicle can be reimbursed under certain circumstances.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

No matter how carefully you guard yourself, the unexpected can happen. PROTECTA Insurance, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance gives you peace of mind whether you’re out on the open road, or just out for a great weekend.

Vehicle Insurance

Our Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance is the best in the market, offering true protection of your valuable asset, including 24/7 AA Roadservice Cover. read more

Motorcycle Insurance

Provides full comprehensive insurance for motorcycles, including cover for accident damage, fire and theft, third party and legal liability up to $100,000. There are also a number of other cover options available to reduce the cover. read more

Payment Protection

Covers loan repayments in cases where the insured may become totally disabled through accident or illness, or is made redundant or declared bankrupt. In such cases the policyholder is protected against having to make payments for the duration of the disability, redundancy or bankruptcy. In the case of the insured's death, the balance of outstanding payments (less any arrears) will be paid

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Assuming the vehicle is financed, Guaranteed Asset Protection is the financial gap between the total loss of your vehicle through accident or theft which your insurance company will pay, and the shortfall still owing to the finance company. It will also cover on road costs, excess, insurance cover and rental costs.

Regardless if you’re purchasing a vehicle from us today or already have your own, contact us now to see how we can help.